Zoeva Sweet Glamour Eye Shadow Palette

This Zoeva Sweet Glamour Palette was one of the items for sale in a Sephora special last year so I was able to pick it up for 50% off. I’d never seen this palette before but I own the Zoeva Blanc Fusion Palette and love that so I expected that I would love this one too.

Zoeva Sweet Glamour palette

Zoeva Sweet Glamour swatches over primer

I’d never owned a dedicatedly pastel palette so I was very excited when I saw this Zoeva Sweet Glamour palette was on sale for AUD$23.50. I added it to my basket right away ready to have those pastel colours on my eyes immediately.

Looking back upon the time now, I can see how the sales drew me in. I had never seen this palette before and yet I bought it instantly only because I knew the brand and it had the word sale splashed across the web page.

Once the palette arrived and I started to swatch the shades that was when the first seeds of doubt were planted.

Not one of the shades swatched well with a brush, barely any better with my finger, both the shimmers and the mattes were weak no matter that I applied them on bare skin or over a primer.

I thought it must just be that sometimes eyeshadows swatch badly and that when I actually wore them on my eyes they would perform much better. But no, that also was not true. They just really are bad eyeshadows all around.

I don’t know if it’s just my palette but I don’t think I could have the only one that’s this bad. No matter what primer I use, glitter base, brush or finger, these shadows never show up, the shimmers in particular are horrible.

Also considering I’m very pale, I also don’t see how these would work any better on deeper skin than mine. I can’t imagine they’d show up at all.

The Review

This is a horrible eyeshadow palette. I didn’t expect the colours to be as pigmented as an ABH or anything, knowing that they’re pastels means the mattes were always going to be lighter in pigmentation however the shimmers should have been able to perform nicely and they are worse than the mattes in this palette.

The only semi-decent shade is Quite Realistic and even then it’s pretty bad. I would never recommend this as there is so little pigment I can’t imagine this ever being useable.

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