ZOEVA Blanc Fusion Palette

A long time ago I saw a post on Instagram with this amazing rusty coloured eyeshadow and I loved it so much than I took a screenshot of the description box and saved it so I would be able to find the palette she used online and buy it.

The eyeshadow I fell in love with that day was from the Caramel Melange eyeshadow palette by Zoeva. A palette that was stocked by Sephora, which had just opened a new store in my local shopping centre. It was meant to be. I went in the next day, found the palette and started swatching and was confused with the results. I couldn’t seem to find that shade the model had used. I tried mixing some but still nothing was working, and then it hit me. An image filter must have been involved somewhere. Which is very frustrating for me, because that dream shade was only a dream.

So I never did end up buying the Caramel Melange palette; for AUD$39.00 the price was too expensive to justify maybe getting that shade I was looking for. I thought that was the end my time with Zoeva, but then a few months ago when Sephora was having their mid-year 50% off sale, a Zoeva palette was amongst the items. It wasn’t the Caramel Melange I’d been looking at but Blanc Fusion instead.

Now AUD$39.00 might have been too expensive to try but AUD$19.50 was a bit more reasonable, the shades were a neutral dream mixed with some fun pops of colour that ultimately convinced me to try it.

ZOEVA Blanc Fusion Palette

The Formula

As I first opened this palette in preparation for this review, my initial thought was that I might be able to squeeze three looks out of it before I got bored. While it is a neutral dream I usually opt for colour before browns so I didn’t expect this to hold my attention for long. I’ll break down the full pros and cons below but I will say now that this short review quickly turned into a longer one with how impressed I was at this palettes performance.

I very much enjoy using this palette. In particular is was the neutral mattes that I’d not wanted to use that actually impressed me the most. They’re not overly pigmented so they blend beautifully and build up easily to give you the option of soft or bold depending on your day.

I don’t think I had any fallout from the mattes, only a tiny bit if I packed on the shimmers. All of the shades wore well on me for up to eight hours and the shimmer didn’t crease either.

The Review

The only major downside to me is there not being a mirror included, however I can live with that, I own hand held mirrors so it’s not enough for me to take points off the palette.

If the colour story of the Blanc Fusion looks like something you’d enjoy than I’d recommend picking it up. I know I’ll be looking again at other Zoeva palettes the next time I’m in Sephora.

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