Zoella Fruits Berry Jam Body Scrub

I like a body scrub in the shower and this Zoella Fruits Berry Jam Body Scrub is the latest formula that I’ve tried.

This is not the first product I’ve tried from Zoella, I’ve also reviewed their Reach For The Moon Hand Cream which had some of the coolest packaging I’ve seen for a skincare product.

In terms of body scrubs, previously the formulas I’ve used have been more of a cream base where this Zoella scrub is a gel base that will even foam up a little in the shower.

To start with, this is a body scrub, I don’t use it on my face as it would be much too harsh. I like to use a scrub to make sure I’m completely removing any products on my skin, especially sunscreen as I don’t like to sleep with that on – even if it’s on my arms.

The natural exfoliants in this formula are small beads except for some large pieces of kiwi seed which can be a little too harsh for my skin and a bit messy at the bottom of my shower. Luckily there aren’t too many pieces of the kiwi seed so it’s not a deal breaker.

There is a faint, fruity scent to this scrub which makes sense with the Berry Jam name. The gel formula can foam up a little but nothing like a body wash, it’s just enough to allow the scrub to spread out over my skin.

After using this scrub my skin will feel smoother due to the exfoliation however it’s never irritated or raw. Also the scent is so minimal that it doesn’t hang around at all.

Overall this is a decent body scrub. Some of the particles are a little too big for me and a tad messy so I will probably try a new scrub after I finish this one but for right now it’s doing the job just fine.

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