Zoella Beauty Reach For The Moon Hand Cream

I bought this hand cream purely because of its shiny, colour shifting packaging that made it stand out from the rest of the hand creams on the shelf. I’d also never heard of the brand Zoella Beauty before so it would be good to try something new.

This is a big tube of hand cream compared to previous products I’ve used which I thought was going to be great however I didn’t end up liking this hand cream so it was a bit of a down side in the end!

The reasons I wasn’t a fan of this hand cream could be personal preference however I don’t like hand creams that are too thin and that’s what this moisturiser was. While it sunk in quickly and didn’t leave any greasy or sticky feeling to my skin, it wasn’t strong enough to keep my hands feeling hydrated for very long.

Throughout a day I would find myself reapplying this hand cream all the time as my hands were getting that tight, dry feeling that I want to avoid. So I ended up running through this large tube very quickly for how often I was reapplying it.

In the end while the formula was nice immediately after application, I did find that the moisturising effects of this Zoella Beauty hand cream would wear away faster than what I normally experience with other hand creams. This caused me to reapply this lotion often and run through the tube quickly.

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