Wotnot 30SPF Natural Sunscreen Review

The Wotnot Naturals brand is centred around products that are kind to your skin and to the planet. This Wotnot 30SPF Natural Sunscreen is gentle enough for babies, containing ingredients like beeswax, vitamin E and aloe extract.

There wasn’t much of a description for this sunscreen on the website. I went in a little blind in terms of it’s formula although it did have very high rated reviews on the product page.

The packaging is a basic squeeze tube and you do get a lot of product, 150g to be exact. The actual formula was thick however it has a very smooth feeling, like a gel paste. It was a little hard to spread over my face as it could be a little sticky. I would work in into my skin as the last step in my skincare routine.

Wotnot 30SPF Natural Sunscreen

My Experience

Once applied this Wotnot sunscreen had no whitecast. And by that I mean it spread out to be transparent. The formula once dispersed is a clear cream that didn’t leave any grey tint to my skin. Even over my moles I could see no colour.

Unfortunately the formula is also quite greasy. It’s not the worst I’ve used however it was noticeably shiny on my skin after application. That shininess only added to my natural oiliness throughout the day. If I wore this sunscreen through a whole day then I would look very greasy by the end of it. I could powder over my makeup however it would break apart over the sunscreen and I would end up with clotted powder and oiliness coming through that.

That was one reoccurring issue I had with this sunscreen. It didn’t happen with every foundation but about half of the ones I own would develop odd points of pigmentation around my nose and jaw. It was the strangest thing, I’ve never experienced anything like it, it looked as though the foundation was collecting in my pores? I can’t explain it however it would develop after only a few hours of wear and stay that way until I took my makeup off. This would also happen if I applied a powder over my foundation, my skin would still develop these odd dots that looked like a skin condition.

Once I had figured out which foundations worked over this sunscreen then it was easy enough to use. I did find myself applying it sparingly so as to lessen the greasiness however I then began to worry that I wasn’t applying enough to be getting sufficient protection for my skin.

Overall this has been the best natural sunscreen I’ve tried in terms of applying transparently. It has no whitecast on me so I don’t look like death when I apply it. Unfortunately it was also quite greasy and caused issues with certain foundations so I’ll keep looking for my holy grail natural sunscreen for now.

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