Wolf & Moon Garden Collection Earrings

The second I saw these Wolf & Moon Earrings I knew I wanted to wear them and the pair that actually started all of this was the Pear Earrings!

I’m fairly certain I found these through a Youtuber that I follow, Hannah Louise Poston, they looked so editorial and statement piece that immediately I was hooked.

I went online to the Wolf & Moon store and had to restrain myself from buying one of everything. Their Garden Collection in particular is exactly my style however, to be honest, all of their jewellery is my style.

In the end I purchased a pair of the Orange Earrings and the Pear Earrings.

Wolf & Moon Garden Collection Earrings

When the earrings arrived each pair came in a nice, compact jewellery box with foam padding so I was happy about their condition during their travels from London.

The quality of these earrings is really nice. They’re made out of wood and acrylic with sterling silver earring posts which means that they’re also not too heavy which I often find with earrings this large.

These are light enough that they’re comfortable to wear all day without hurting my ears. I love the small details in each version which you can see in the photos below.

Overall I am very happy with these Orange and Pear Earrings from Wolf & Moon. I get so many compliments when I wear them and I love their statement effect.

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