Why I’m torn over the Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Palette

As the title of this post suggests I’ve been conflicted over the Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde eyeshadow palette since it was released.

The palette, which contains 18 shades, is housed in a stunning translucent, plastic component. Unfortunately it’s the plastic part of that sentence that worries me.

Over the past year, since I began my no-buy of skincare and makeup, I have gradually become a more conscious consumer to the point that I am now considering the environmental impacts of the makeup that I purchase alongside it’s quality.

Which makes me very conflicted when I look at this palette because to my tastes of design, this is a beautiful product. The shade range of the actual shadows is just my style, combine those shades with the gorgeous, unique packaging and I want it very much.

However when I thought about this a little further I realised an entire palette constructed from plastic was probably not the best thing for the environment.

Now I know many other brands use all plastic components however I think in this day and age brands should be able to find reusable solutions or biodegradable options. Especially a big budget brand like Huda Beauty, and no matter how much I scoured the internet I couldn’t find anywhere that said this palette was either of those.

So while the shade range, shadow finishes and unique packaging of this palette all call to me on an spiritual level, I won’t be buying the Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde eyeshadow palette much to my disappointment.

What I am going to try instead is to find as many dupes for the shades as I can from my collection and exhaust my desire for the palette through playing and creating with my dupes. Depending on how successful that is, I’ll do a quick post on that as well.

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