Wet n Wild Photo Focus Eyeshadow Primer Review

I have very oily and hooded eyelids and so I need my eyeshadow primer to be strong enough to last throughout a day. This Wet n Wild Photo Focus Eyeshadow Primer was highly recommended online and for its cheaper price point I was very interested to see how it would work.

The formula of this is a beige coloured cream however it blended out to have no major pigment on my eyelids so it wouldn’t cover any veins or discoloration. However if I was a little messy and got some underneath my eye it would eventually dry down to be slightly pale and a little crusty by the end of the day and it was too hard to wipe off as it’s made to set down and not budge!

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Eyeshadow Primer

The Formula

This primer was easy enough to pat onto my eyelids and disperse it evenly however it doesn’t set down immediately and so I would have to make sure to go back and pat out any creases that had formed before the primer did set down permanently creased.

Once the primer is set it’s dry to touch and barely tacky at all. This meant that eyeshadows blended out smoothly over it however it could be difficult to build up pigment as the base was dry and the shadows didn’t particularly stick to it like a wet base.

I could try and work quickly while the primer was still a little tacky however then it was too sticky and would hold pigment well but blend out very patchily.

The Review

Throughout the day the shadows would wear decently well however they would have normally faded a bit by the end of the day. This primer very rarely creased on my eyes which is impressive as most primers will crease. Whenever it did crease I think it was more that I hadn’t applied enough primer to start with.

Overall I did like this primer as it very rarely creased and shadows blended out nicely over it. I wish it would have held more of the eyeshadows pigment throughout the day however for my oily, hooded eyelids the main thing was that it didn’t crease.

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