Welcome to Beauty Joy Review

Welcome, thanks for coming.

This blog is a new endeavour for me; make-up slightly less so, but only slightly.

By that I mean I’ve been wearing make-up for a fair few years now, and by wearing make-up, I mean wearing more than the one powder foundation I had owned since I was sixteen.

The reason I am creating this blog is to combine my love of beauty, photography and writing. On this blog you can find me testing products against the Australian sun (in which I live under), updating you on my project pan and no-buy year and pulling apart my makeup collection to create new combinations and find fresh inspiration.

Over the last year in particular I have begun my journey to becoming a more conscious consumer of makeup and skincare. I have undertaken a no-buy, started a project pan and constrained myself to a monthly budget in the effort to make myself more aware of my spending and to gain perspective on how much wonderful makeup I already own.

so I hope this blog helps anyone like me, who sometimes is so excited but so at a loss of what to do with the make-up and skincare they own.

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