Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion Deep Restore

The Vaseline lotion line comes in many variants and by this point I’ve tried most of them however I would say this one and the Cocoa Glow formula are my favourites.

The Cocoa Glow version is my top body lotion as it leaves my skin hydrated and silky smooth while magically producing this healthy glow that I’ve been unable to find in other brands. I’ll be writing a full review of that at some point which I’ll link here.

As for this Intensive Care lotion, I actually purchased this to use as a hand cream as my hands have been very dry and cracked lately and I was hoping the intense moisture could bring them back to normal.

The formula of this lotion is what I consider to be on the thin side however that means that it sinks in quickly without leaving any oiliness or sticky feeling. Unfortunately, it also means that I don’t feel the effects of its hydration for as long as I would a thicker formula.

While I love the lightness of this Vaseline formula for my body it doesn’t translate as well to being a hand cream. This was quite a large tube however I ended up going through it fairly quickly as I was having to reapply more often than not.

In the end, I think that this would be a good hand cream for someone wanting light hydration to maintain their good skin. To heal very dry or cracked skin I’d want something stronger than this.

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