Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion Review

I spent three weeks away recently and needed to buy a body lotion that was cheap and not too big so that I wouldn’t be left with a lot after I came back. I’ve been using the Cocoa Glow formula of Vaseline for years now and still love it so I thought I’d take the chance to try another formula of the same line with this Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion.

This moisturiser, as its name suggests, is a more intense version of the Cocoa Glow lotion and while it did really hydrate my skin it was a touch too intense.

By that I mean it took a little longer to sink into my skin than my usual moisturiser, though it would eventually sink in, but it was more than what I needed so the extra hydration ended up being unnecessary.

It almost reminded me of a body butter formula which I don’t like. My skin felt almost a little slimy for a while after applying this.

If you had very dry skin in need of rescuing then maybe this heavy of a moisturiser would be good for that level of healing however for general maintenance of my skin it was a little too much.

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