UVNatural Sport Lip Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the most important skincare step in my routine however I know how often I forget to protect my lips so when I saw this UVNatural Sport Lip Sunscreen with and SPF30 I purchased one hoping to add it to my daily routine.

This is a traditional format lip balm coming in a wind up tube for application. It also comes with a detachable chain to attach to your body when surfing or traveling. It’s aimed for sports environments where people are outdoors and in need of SPF to protect their skin.

I try to minimise my time in the sun however when I am out and about it would be good to have a sunscreen lip balm on hand.

So when this arrived in the mail and I cracked open the packaging I was very disappointed at how this lip balm applied.

As you can see from the photos above this lip balm has a severe white cast. It causes my lips to look washed out and sickly.

I can’t even say that the white cast is smooth. The formula is streaky and clings to dry patches and settles in the lines of my lips. It also has small white granules in the balm that are visible upon application.

Overall the white, streaky and grainy formula is completely unwearable for me. I also can’t imaging it working for anyone, even a sports person. If you didn’t mind the white cast then you might as well just apply a zinc to yours lips and be done with it.

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