Using Up my Makeup Collection

A more in-depth look into how I plan on using up a lot of my current makeup collection.

Previously, I’ve written a post about my goals for 2020, with the main one being that I want to curate my current beauty collection to only contain products that I absolutely love.

As it is, my makeup collection right now contains a lot of products that I’d like to filter out to refine my collection and allow me to bring in replacements that I’d appreciate a lot more.

However I also don’t want to just throw away all of the makeup in my collection that I’m not absolutely loving as I would see that as such a waste of both the products and the money I spent to buy them. So what I am going to do this year is attempt to remove a lot of the products that I’m not in love with by using them up.

This might sound awful, like I’m forcing myself to use products I hate however that’s not the case at all. If I absolutely hate a product or it doesn’t react well to my skin then I am happy to throw it out, however for the majority of my products that I bought on a whim and feel just “meh” about them, I am going to start using them up. Once I have finished a product and it is out of my life then I will have successfully refined my beauty collection a little more and taught myself a lesson about not buying frivolously because that’s definitely a bad habit that I can fall into.

In my previous post about my 2020 goals I did show a few big photos capturing my current makeup collection as a reference point for it’s changes throughout the year. What I have decided since then is that I want to take it one step further and break my collection down into different makeup categories so I can very specifically track how many products I use up and also how many I add throughout the coming year.

So below you can see the categories that I have broken my makeup collection into and I’ll try and tally how many products are in each collection and how I think each area will change in the coming year.

For my cheek products I’ve counted the pans as well as the whole products as I’m hoping to pan a few shades in some of the palettes however I haven’t counted the pans from my eyeshadow collection because it’s too big for me to attempt that!

(I’ve also included my perfumes as I’m trying to work those down as well)

My complete makeup collection Jan, 2020

Wow. When I lay all of my products down like that it really impresses on me the size of my collection, especially when I think about how long it takes me to use up my makeup.

For the coming year I’d really like to reduce the size of my lipstick collection, I rarely wear anything besides a gloss so I’d like to use up or wear down a couple of lippies.

I’d also like to finish a few products each from my blushes, highlighters and bronzer/contours as well as finish off a few of my old brow products that could do with replacing.

As for my eyeshadow collection, it’s already beyond what I will ever use or finish however if I could finish off a few of my single shadows that would satisfy me as I know that I would never be able to consistently use the same palette to pan multiple shades.

It’s good to break my makeup down into categories however I know I have a lot of work ahead of me to condense this collection! I look forward to using up some products in the coming months.

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