Using It Up In 2020 – My 9 Month Check In

use it up 2020 makeup and skincare

2018 was the year I started this change. I finally recognised that I had a problem with buying makeup and skincare. To combat that I took the entire year of 2019 to reset my mindset. For a whole year I didn’t buy any new makeup or skincare and documented that No Buy Year on this blog. When 2019 came to an end along with my no-buy I still wanted to carry on the momentum.

I decided that my goal for 2020 would be to use up as much of my makeup collection as possible. I still owned a lot of products from years back when I’d buy anything that caught my eye; most of it I wouldn’t buy today. So I wanted to use 2020 to curate and refine the beauty products in my makeup collection. I want to make room for new products that I actually like and to also hold myself accountable for the products that I already own.

At the beginning of this year I photographed my entire makeup collection sectioned into various categories (blush, mascara etc) so that I could track the changes throughout the year. Every three months I’ve been rephotographing my collection to compare against my previous totals and seeing how many products I’ve lost and gained over time. The aim of this 2020 year is to end up with less products than what I started with.

Previously I’ve done a Project Pan which is a similar idea however I didn’t like how limiting it was. With the project pan I was checking in monthly to see my progress and it meant that whenever I wore makeup I was thinking about using up products and not thinking about how much I enjoy makeup and being creative with my collection. I think overall I’ve enjoyed this 2020 process as I’ve only been checking in every three months and I have room in between to just have fun and use my makeup without constant pressure to show improvement towards my end goal. Below is my entire makeup collection as of the end of September, 2020.

My complete makeup collection September, 2020

Compared to my June count, I’ve reduced my makeup collection by 9 products.

I’m actually quite happy with that count as my progress has felt quite slow in these last few months. I’ve gained a few products as gifts and such so I didn’t quite know how that would effect my total collection.

I feel like the past three months have been prep work for the next three. I’ve made significant progress on a few big items that I’d like to finish before the end of the year. That one cream blush has taken forever but I’ve now hit pan so I don’t think that will take much longer to finish. I’m also going to try and finish my BH foundation and Dior perfume.

Overall I’m happy with my progress so far. In these past three months I’ve been able to get a few categories down to a point where I’m happy with what’s left. That’s been really great as that was the whole point of this year long exercise. To refine my collection to contain only products that I use and love. The categories I’m happy to leave alone now are my bronzer/contours, brow products and single shadows.

For the rest of the year up until I end this project I’m going to focus on reducing my blush and highlighter collections as I feel like there’s room for significant improvement. I’d also really like to finish some lip products but I really struggle with wearing them, I’m just a gloss girl everyday.

For now I’m happy with my progress and how my year of Using It Up has come along. I already like this refined collection a lot more than what I started the year with. I feel like when I reach for my makeup now there’s nothing that I really hate or regret owning. I’m looking forward to December and seeing the final result, I might do one more declutter before the end but I think that’ll be it.

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