Using It Up In 2020 – My 6 Month Check In

In 2018 I recognised that I had a problem with buying new makeup and skincare. In 2019 began a year long no-buy of any new products which ended as a success. To continue with my journey to becoming a healthier consumer my goal for 2020 has been to use up a lot of my makeup collection.

I want to end this year with a curated collection of makeup products that I use and love. A lot of my current collection is left over from my compulsive buying in 2018 and I have been working away at using up a lot of those products to create space in my collection and allow for products that I have purchased intentionally and know I will love.

At the beginning of this year I photographed my entire makeup collection to create a visual inventory that I could compare to throughout the year. I separated that collection into smaller categories of makeup to track the changes in each section. Below is my entire makeup collection as of the end of June, 2020.

My complete makeup collection June, 2020

Compared to my March count, I’ve reduced my makeup collection by 6 products.

While it’s not as big of a reduction for my collection in terms of the numbers I have changed my collection a lot in the past three months. I phased out a lot of products however I also bought a few new products that I needed to fill in some gaps in my collection.

I bought a lot of new concealers and foundations as I had some important events to attend and didn’t own a foundation that I could count on for that. I also added primers for that same reason.

I’m fairly happy with how my collection is rounding out. I’ve been able to reduce the size of my blush, bronzer and highlighter categories which I had been hoping to do. I’m still trying to work at finishing my lip products however I really don’t wear lipsticks so it’s taking me a while to show progress.

For the coming months I would like to work on reducing my single shadows as they can end up floating around in my drawers and being forgotten. I’m also going to try and wear some of the many colourful mascaras that I own and never reach for, as well as work on the foundations and concealers that I bought.

Overall I’m pleased with how this project is progressing. I feel like I am more aware of my collection and how my purchases effect it as a whole. I am now making more intentional makeup purchases that are resulting in me owning makeup that I still like even when the shiny, newness of it has faded.

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