Using It Up In 2020 – My 3 Month Check In

At the start of 2020 I set myself the goal of using up a lot of my current makeup products in an effort to curate my current beauty collection to only contain products that I absolutely love.

At the beginning of this year, after spending 2018 in a no-buy, my collection still contained a lot of products that I had bought on a whim in the years before. Many products that I hadn’t even touched except to take out of their packaging.

After the past year of buying no new makeup, my mindset had shifted to now wanting fewer but nicer things. I didn’t like looking at my overflowing drawers of averagely appealing makeup. So I decided to use up as much as I could and refine my collection to only contain products that excited and inspired me.

At the beginning of this year I catalogued my entire makeup collection, breaking it down into different categories as a way of keeping track of its changes as the year goes on. It has now been three months since I started this project and in this post I’ll update the photos to show my shifting makeup collection and talk about my progress so far.

My complete makeup collection Mar, 2020

Compared to my January count, I’ve reduced my makeup collection by 20 products.

I’m really happy with my progress so far and I’m equally as happy that it’s been made through equal parts of using up my makeup and minimal decluttering. While I did go through and declutter a few items early on, the rest of my makeup I used up naturally through wearing it day to day.

(If you’re interested in seeing what I decluttered I’ll link the blog post here)

What has been most difficult for me so far is learning to pick my battles. Coming out of my 2019 no-buy year where I didn’t declutter any makeup, it was hard for me to part with any of my collection, even when I knew that it was makeup I either couldn’t or wouldn’t wear.

When it came to the early declutter I tried to only let go of the products whose formulas were degrading or that I knew I wouldn’t wear but knew someone who I could pass them onto.

I didn’t want to declutter too many products as I am trying to use up most of my collection naturally but eventually I was forced to admit that I will need to complete a few declutters this year if I want to achieve my goal of a curated beauty collection.

Aside from that, it’s been good so far. With each item I finish I can see the change in my collection. Everything is starting to come together, less of a messy jumble of products and more of an intentional group of makeup that excites and inspires me.

For the coming three months I’m hoping to whittle a few categories down to only contain products that I love and then they will be curated and completed in my mind.

It’s just turned in Autumn here in Australia so it’s still a little hot but my makeup isn’t completely sliding off my face now which is also something to look forward to!

I might also end up doing a mid-year declutter which I will detail in another short blog post if I have enough products.

Until then, I’ll carry on using it up!

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