Using It Up In 2020 – My 12 Months End

Using It Up In 2020 - My 12 Months End

While I started this Using It Up project at the beginning of this year it has actually been the last part to a three year long undertaking.

I have been buying makeup and skincare for many years now. In the beginning it was harmless however I quickly began to spend more than what I could afford on the beauty industry. I was getting sucked into the online influencers and the constant stream of new releases.

At the start of 2018 I began my year long no-buy of any new makeup or skincare. I successfully went the whole year only buying occasional replacement products and started the mental shift towards being a smarter consumer.

In 2019 I allowed myself to buy new makeup and skincare however to not spiral back into spending I set myself a monthly budget and tracked how it went.

For 2020 I decided to remove the strict budget and look more at my makeup collection as a whole. This year my only goal was to end the year with less products than what I started it with. I wanted to achieve that goal through a natural process of wearing and finishing my makeup. I think it’s important for me to know and remember how long it takes me to use an entire makeup product. That knowledge then helps me to make smarter choices when it comes to shopping.

Throughout this year I have taken a count of my entire makeup collection every three months to track my progress. So far I have been steadily reducing my collection and it’s time for the last count.

My Complete Makeup Collection, Dec 31st 2020

Compared to my initial January count, I’ve reduced my makeup collection by 34 products this year.

I’m really glad that I took progress photos throughout the year. I’ve already forgotten how much makeup I had when I started this project. To have reduced my collection by 34 products I’m very happy with that progress. I’d honestly like to reduce it even more, specifically in my palettes but for now I’m happy.

This is also the end of my journey from an over-spender to a smarter shopper. It’s taken me three years and a lot of perseverance but I can now say that I am at a good place with money and makeup. I still love new makeup and skincare however I also love the makeup that I own. I’m not chasing that kick from buying something new.

Some people spend a lot more on makeup and have much larger collections than I do and that’s okay. My problem was that I was spending more than I was earning and that’s not okay. I am now able to think before I buy something which lets me shop and have fun without losing myself to sales or the black hole of consumerism.

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