Too Faced Glitter Glue Primer

Almost immediately after I first started wearing eyeshadow I realised that my oily, hooded eyelids were going to bring me trouble. This Too Faced Glitter Glue has been helping me to keep my eyeshadow in place for many years now.

This glitter glue is described as an eyeshadow primer specifically designed to lock down glitter shadows on lids. Supposedly it can be applied as an eyeshadow base before any eyeshadow application or over the top of eyeshadow to secure glitter.

I personally can’t use this as an eyeshadow base. The formula isn’t strong enough to hold up on my oily, hooded eyelids. It will breakdown and crease and my eyeshadow will become a mess.

I use this glitter glue over the top of a stronger eyeshadow base or over the top of eyeshadow on my lid to act as a specific sticky base for glitters or shimmers.

Used in that way this will amplify the pigmentation of my shimmers and glitters however I also have to be careful to not lay down a thick layer of this glitter glue as it can cause my eyeshadow look to end up chunky and thick on my eyelids.

I have also noticed that the primer I use beneath this glitter glue needs to be strong to hold back my natural oiliness because if any of my oils come through to this glitter glue it will break down.

Overall this has been an okay glitter glue however because it doesn’t hold up well against my natural oiliness I will try a different brand after I finish this.

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