Thinking and Reflecting: Changes to Just Bloom

Seeing as we’re in the midst of a global quarantine, I’ve had a lot of time to sit down and reflect on this blog and what I’d like to achieve from it.

This blog began as a creative outlet for my musing on makeup, morphed into an accountability measure during my no-buy year and now I think it’s going to change again.

Since successfully completing my no-buy year I have changed as a beauty consumer and makeup lover. While I am still heavily involved in the beauty and skincare genre, I no longer aim to buy as many products as I can, I have since shifted to curating my collection and reducing the amount of stuff in my immediate space.

So along with that shift in my habits will come a shift in this blog. I will still be posting reviews, routines and swatches however I will be looking more in depth into the ingredients of my current products and steering my collection to a more reduced and refined outcome.

I am also going to look at changing the layout of this site to accommodate my goals for this blog in 2020.

All in all, I’ve had time to think lately and wanted to share with you all the updated goals for this blog, mainly being a more conscious consumer in the beauty space.

You can look forward to seeing these changes soon as I’ll try and update the blog within the coming week.

Aside from that, I hope you’re safe and well wherever you are and I’ll talk to you in the next post.

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