The Supplements that I Take

Today I wanted to share the daily supplements that I take and why I’ve found that they’re the best combination for me.

I know there are endless possibilities and rabbit holes that you can get lost down when trying to learn about supplements. I myself never used to take anything like this however over time I’ve introduced certain supplements to the point where I now have a daily set that I take which I’ll share with you below.

Maca – I use maca to relieve symptoms of my period – cramps, mood swings, sleep problems etc.

Calcium & Magnesium – Magnesium for also helping with muscle and nerve function and supporting the immune system. Calcium is vital to bone health, which is important for women, and should be taken with magnesium.

Iron – My iron levels could be higher, it helps to preserve many vital functions in the body

Fish Oil – An all rounder supplement. Omega-3 fatty acids play important roles in brain function and normal growth and development

Zinc – For a boost to my immune system. Zinc has been found to help reduce the length of colds when taken within 24hrs of the first signs of a cold

What prompted this post was an email I recently received from Halo Beauty listing a mix of supplements that they recommend to boost your immunity during this Covid-19 pandemic.

I thought that it was a really great thing for Tati to do even though she would be making no profit from sharing Halo Beauty’s research into supplements. So I’ll also share her recommendations below for immunity-enhancing supplements.

Vitamin A – helpful in the prevention of bacterial and viral infections.

Vitamin C – helps encourage the production of white blood cells which help protect the body against infection and helps these white blood cells function more effectively while protecting them from damage such as free radicals.

Vitamin D – proven to reduce the duration of seasonal flu and other chronic viral infections.

Vitamin E – powerful antioxidants that have the power to reduce free radical damage, reduce inflammation and help slow aging in your cells.

Selenium – plays an important role in your overall health and immune systems. This antioxidant helps lower oxidative stress in your body which reduces inflammation and enhances immune response.

Manganese – important for nutritional immunity

Zinc – has been found to help reduce the length of colds when taken within 24hrs of the first signs of a cold

Organic Ginger Root – ginger exerts a variety of powerful therapeutic and preventive effects and has been used for thousands of years

Beta-1,3 1,6 D-Glucans – increase host immune defense by activating natural killer cell function, priming your immune “swat team” to fight against foreign invaders like viruses and bacteria.

L-Theanine – can enhance innate immune functions

Inositol – boosts the body’s natural cellular defenses

Elderberry Extract – provides a high profile source of antioxidants known as anthocyanins that help immune system to work more efficiently

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