The End of My 2019 Project Pan

Well, December has ended and so has my 2019 Project Pan.

At the beginning of the year the only intentions I had made were about my no-buy for makeup and skincare, in fact it wasn’t until August that I officially started this project and in only a few short months it has impacted my mindset towards buying new makeup to equal effect as my entire no-buy year.

I’ve written a whole post about my Project Pan and some helpful tips to know before you start and I’ll put that up shortly after this one, I’ve also written a post about Why I think you should do a Project Pan so if you’re interested in knowing more of my thoughts on the entire project then I’d recommend reading those.

I’ll quickly go over my last month of Project Panning and talk about the progress I made. At the start of the month my main goal was, as always, to finish as many products as I could. At the end of the month I would say I’ve been pretty successful as I finished all of the products that I feasibly could and expanded the pan in the remaining 2.

My main goal from the initial Project Pan post in August was to finish (or hit pan in) each of my original 12 products and as of the end of the year I have successfully achieved that goal so that’s made me very happy.

As for this past and final month, at the beginning of December I had 6 products in my Project Pan and by the 31st I’d finished 4 of them.

Overall I’m entirely pleased with this outcome, I knew at the beginning of December that it wouldn’t be possible for me to completely finish the contour kit and healing powder however I was able to improve on them both so I don’t consider either a failure.

As for the other 4 products I was glad to be able to finish them. Especially the Rimmel lipstick, it was the first lipstick that I ever bought and the first that I’ve ever finished so that was an exciting achievement.

Moving into 2020 I’m going to take a break from a dedicated Project Pan as I feel like these past few months have taught me the lesson I needed to know.

Now that my mindset has shifted away from buying makeup and onto finishing makeup I am confident to continue into this new year with my main goal being to reduce my makeup collection through using it up.

At the end of this year, 2020, I would like for my makeup collection to contain less products than what I started the year with so I might write a post soon showing or counting my current collection to have something to compare to at the end of the 12 months.

For now I am very happy with my 2019 Project Pan and the impact it’s had on my consumer mindset. It has shifted my excitement from buying makeup to finishing makeup and that has been truly life changing for someone like me, whose spending on beauty used to far exceed my monthly earnings.

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