The CoverGirl TruBlend Blush

I’ve owned this CoverGirl Blush since the beginning.

Since the first day I nervously put on a face of makeup, this was the blush that I had chosen based on nothing other than that it was the one I liked the most on the Supermarket shelf.

Which is pretty amazing when I think to now, the amount of research I’ll do before purchasing any product, that this blush with very little thought is still, to this day, my favourite blush that I’ve ever worn.

To start with, the packaging is plastic and the labeling has long since faded from my compact, however it’s sturdy and clean and I’ve never had an issue with it.

The blush itself has a baked formula that I pick up with a big fluffy brush and build up to the desired pigment on my skin. If I pick it up with a denser brush then one application is enough however I prefer to build it up gently and softly with a fluffier brush.

Once applied the slight sheen in the formula makes this blush appear perfectly skin-like. It’s not glowy enough to be seen as a highlighter, just a natural movement of light over my cheeks. The colour will wear well throughout the day and it matches my natural blush colour so well that it blends in seamlessly and enhances my natural flush.

The CoverGirl TruBlend Blush

The Formula

The shade that I own is 100 Light Rose and that’s exactly what it looks like on my skin. It’s a light pink shade with hints of darker rose mixed in. It has a sheen that is not a shimmer, with no glitter particles or such. Over bare skin or powdered skin this blends out perfectly however I have to build it up gently to avoid any patches if I apply it directly onto an unset cream product, like any other powder product.

When I first owned this blush I used it religiously every day for about half a year before I began branching out into other blushes and since then have still used it frequently, however not constantly, for another year and a half and I’ve only recently hit the pan on one of its edges. I think if I added this blush to my project pan then I would finish it completely within another six months so I have been very impressed with how long the product has lasted me.

The Review

As I am still on my no-buy year and also already own multiple other blushes it’s unlikely that I’ll try any new blush formulas for a while so this blush will retain its position as my number one for a while yet. Regardless still if I do ever find a replacement, this blush will always hold a special place in my heart for how much I have loved it and continue to love it whenever I wear it now.

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