The Body Shop Mint Mattifying Face Mist

The Body Shop is well known for its skincare lines however what I have been learning lately is that it’s gaining a reputation for good, clean beauty. This The Body Shop Mint Mattifying Face Mist was recommended to me the last time I was in store after I’d mentioned to the shop assistant that I struggled with controlling my oily skin. Immediately she led me over to a counter and pulled this bottle down to show me.

The Mint Mattifying Face Mist does exactly what its name suggests, it leaves your skin looking mattified and shine-free and helps reduce the appearance of excess oil. Its ingredients include mint, seaweed and kaolin clay which combine together to create an immediate mattifying effect on the skin and leaves a fresh, pleasant scent in the air after it’s sprayed.

I purchased a bottle that day and have truly put this mattifying mist to the test, using it over bare skin and makeup throughout both winter and summer here in Australia.

The Body Shop Mint Mattifying Face Mist

So after using this spray intermittently over the past many months what I can say is that it does provide an immediate mattifying effect to the skin.

Whether I spray this over my bare skin or a full face of makeup it will remove any shine that’s present on my face, it also never reacted poorly to any makeup I wore or gave me any reactions on my skin.

Now, while it does immediately mattify the skin, I can’t say that it holds that mattifying effect for a very long time. Unfortunately, and especially during the summer months, my skin will lose that matte look after only a couple of hours and then the oily shine will be back and I’d be needing to reapply this spray.

Once I had reapplied this mist my face would immediately go back to being matte however it’s not the biggest bottle and so I found myself very quickly going through this product.

Overall, of all the mattifying mists that I’ve tried, this one gave the most immediate and matte results. However those effects wouldn’t last very long before I’d have to be reapplying this so while I knew that I could rely on this spray to make me matte, I also knew that I’d have to keep checking my reflection to know when those effects had worn off and to respray my face when that happened.

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