The Body Shop Hand Creams

I’m always on the hunt for a good hand cream and these little tubes from The Body Shop are the latest to come through my collection.

These two hand creams actually came as a part of a larger travel/gift set and they’re a very handy size to take with you anywhere. I also have to say that I love their packaging, it’s very bright and clean, just my style.

As for the formula it’s more of a light moisturiser than some other formulas I’ve tried however it sinks in quickly and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft.

My favourite thing about these hand creams is the lack of any oiliness or tackiness after application. My hands feel moisturised without any of the slick texture that can sometimes be left behind my hand creams.

Another thing to note is that there is a scent with both of these hand creams. They’re named after their fragrance so if you’re sensitive to fragrance in skincare then these do carry a strong scent. I quite enjoyed the fragrances however some people prefer to avoid it.

My second favourite thing is the compact size of the tube however that turned out to be a double edged sword as I definitely ran through these faster than I can remember using a hand cream before.

Overall I really liked the formula of these hand creams as I prefer light moisturisation that sinks in quickly however I did note that I ran through the small tubes very quickly. I think they would be great little hand creams to throw in your handbag for on the go.

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