The Body Shop Drops Of Light Brightening Day Cream

This is the second moisturiser from The Body Shop that I have finished and its formula was not what I was expecting after the previous Oils of Life Sleeping Cream.

The Oils of Life Sleeping Cream was quite a lightweight formula, especially for a night moisturiser. So when I opened this Drops Of Light Brightening Day Cream I was expecting the same lightweight formula, perhaps even lighter. However to my surprise this was a richer, thicker formula than the previous sleeping cream.

The Formula

The formula of this Drops of Light day cream is what I typically think of when I envision a standard moisturiser. It’s creamy and solid enough to hold its shape in my hand. When I apply it to my skin it blends out nicely without feeling oily however there is a noticeable lotion feeling to my skin.

This Drops Of Light Brightening Day Cream is the heaviest cream I have in my routine currently even though it’s a day cream and so it’s my last skincare step before a facial oil.

As for how it moisturises I can feel a noticeable effect when it’s applied. It will sink in quickly however it’s definitely heavier than what I normally use. A healthy scoop will cover my face and leave it feeling moisturised and a little tacky to the touch.

The Review

For my oily skin I don’t mind this cream as it’s currently Winter and my skin is drier than normal however I think this would be a little heavy for me during hotter months. I would still be able to wear it however I would have to be very sparing with how much I applied as it has the type of finish that I feel would make my skin sweat if I over applied it.

In the end, after finishing this cream I can’t say I noticed any amazing changes to my skin in terms of hydration or clarification. Nothing that I think would separate it from many other cheaper moisturisers out there.

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