The Body Shop Eyeshadow Palette

I’ve seen a lot of the eyeshadow refills for these Body Shop quads on sale lately so I thought I’d write a quick review of the four shades that I own and their formula/performance. I love the idea of these Body Shop eyeshadow palettes. You purchase the empty palette and pick your four eyeshadow refills to put into it. Once you finish a shade you can replace that shade without needing to buy a whole new palette. It’s good to see makeup brands looking for ways to create less waste through their products.

The palette is plastic however it feels sturdy and the mirror is large. All of the eyeshadow refills also snap nicely into place, I’m not worried about any falling out.

The Body Shop Custom Eyeshadow Palette

The Formula

As for the eyeshadows, I purchased the shades 305 Purple Topaz, 301 Budelli Sand, 205 Sienna Dust and 215 Petra Sandstone. What I was really searching for when I bought these shadows was the same formula that I’d seen my friend wearing a couple of years before. I’d been so enamored by her eyeshadow that I’d asked what brand it was and the only thing she could remember was that they were from The Body Shop.

The formula of my shades varies slightly but overall is underwhelming. The pigmentation is weak and difficult to build in all of them except for 305 Purple Topaz. The other three shades all have a very dry formula that really needs a glitter glue underneath them to pack any punch.

They also don’t have the longest life on my eyelids, by the end of the day they’ll be very faded unless I’ve packed them onto a glitter base of some sort.

In saying all of that, they do blend out nicely and are very natual looking which might be the aim for a Body Shop makeup line. I’ll put some swatches below of how my shades look over a glitter base and you can decide for yourself. Personally I’d rather an over-pigmented shade that I can apply lightly to have a more natural look, rather than being limited to the washes of colour that these shadows provide me.

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