The Body Shop Body Butters

I have skin that needs to be kept moisturised otherwise it will quickly become dry and uncomfortable so while I have spent many years working my way through various body lotions I’d never once tried these The Body Shop Body Butters.

I received these two tubs in two separate travel packs that I purchased from The Body Shop and was glad to have a smaller size to sample the formula.

The Body Shop Body Butters Review

The name Body Butter suggests a thick and heavy moisturiser to me which is probably why I’d never bought them before. I don’t like my skin to look greasy which, spoiler alert, these Body Butters will do.

So the formula of these moisturisers is quite solid, very similar to butter in that it comes as a set down cream that once scooped out and spread onto your skin will melt with your body heat into a lotion that you can spread over your skin.

Unfortunately these are too thick and greasy for my liking. They will leave a slick feeling on my skin which I don’t like and a slight shine that makes it hard for me to use my hands after applying this Body Butter. I will usually have to wash my hands or wipe them on a cloth to get rid of that greasiness.

As for how they hydrate, my skin did feel and look moisturised however nothing that was so amazing compared to most other lotions I’ve tried.

In the end I don’t like the greasy feeling of these Body Butters so I’ll be going back to my normal body lotions that give me equal hydration without any greasiness or shiny skin.

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