Tatcha The Water Cream Review

I think everyone admires the luxury and elegance of the Tatcha skincare brand. I had longingly looked at their products for a long time however I never had the levels of disposable income that would allow me to purchase these beautiful products.

I came to own The Water Cream through winning a competition run by an Instagram influencer I followed. I was thrilled that I would finally be able to try the Tatcha brand.

Obviously the packaging is weighty and luxurious. It’s a beautiful jar that would look stunning on any vanity however I don’t buy skincare products for how they look.

The Formula

The formula of this moisturiser was a light weight gel that would spread out nicely over my skin. Tatcha recommends to scoop out a pearl sized amount and massage that into the face, neck and decolletage. I don’t know if my face is larger than most but I could usually only spread that pearl sized amount over my face and a little bit of my neck so I wouldn’t say you only need a tiny amount.

It did have a nice cooling effect and it was soft and smooth as I applied it. Tatcha claims that this cream visibly tightens pores and refines uneven texture however I cant say I noticed any significant changes like that. My skin was soft and hydrated but I didn’t see any reduction in my pores or texture.

The Review

Overall, while this was a very luxurious experience to use and own this moisturiser, I can’t say I would consider repurchasing it. Not when I know there are so many cheaper formulas that provide equal if not better results for my skin.

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