Surratt Beauty Lip Lustre Oh La La

I actually won this lip gloss through an Instagram competition with Mecca, an Australian beauty retailer and I was so excited to see this gloss included. I’m a huge lover of lip gloss and the glittery, pink tinted tube of this Surratt Beauty Lip Lustre looked like the prettiest one I’d ever seen.

Surratt was a brand that I’d vaguely heard of but had for some reason assumed it was only available overseas and not in Australia. It must have a small space in the Mecca store because I swear I’ve missed it in there every time.

This gloss is currently being sold for AUD$51.00 which is a lot of money for a lip gloss so you can imagine how relieved I was to discover that it is actually very good. It has a formula that’s unlike anything I’ve tried before and it gives this gloss a long wear time considering what other gloss normally lasts like on me.

The Formula

However, this Surratt gloss does share a similar trait to other gloss formulas I’ve used in that it doesn’t look the same on my lips as it does in the tube. This looks amazing when you first see it in it’s packaging, however when it’s applied it loses that opacity it’s got when it’s in the tube and does sheer out.

In the tube this Lip Lustre has a light pink colour to it however once applied it’s barely more than a clear gloss however it does retain the tiny, delicate glitters which look so pretty to wear.

This is also a thick gloss which I like however it’s not sticky. I only apply a thin layer and it will stay on my lips for a long time due to its thicker formula which I prefer in a gloss as opposed to something thin like a lip oil.

The Review

Honestly this is one of the best wearing lip glosses I’ve tried. Considering the formula has an almost glassy effect on my lips, the fact that it will wear for a couple of hours before I’m needing to recoat is very impressive.

I will say those hours excluding eating; no gloss I’ve tried holds up through a whole meal. The only let down for me is that it doesn’t apply on my lips with the same colour shifting properties it has in the tube but I’ve never worn another gloss that came anywhere close to this glass effect on the lips.

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