SUQQU Designing Color Eyes – 09 Ryougetsu

SUQQU was a brand that I found through watching YouTube. A favourite channel of mine, Mellisa Gold, dedicated a video to how much she loved SUQQU and how they always come out with beautiful seasonal releases. Through seeing just a few of their products in that video I could already see that they were a luxury brand that I was going to like.

After that video I went onto the SUQQU website to see a broader range of their products and soon realised that I could happily buy one of each. A SUQQU eyeshadow palette would definitely be the most expensive eyeshadow product I’d ever bought and it would also be the first luxury brand eyeshadow palette I’d owned too. I had tested other high end eyeshadow quads before, Gucci, Lancome etc. I’d even come close to buying a Guerlian eyeshadow palette but in the end I couldn’t justify the price. However these SUQQU eyeshadows with their combinations of neutrals and colour seemed to be the perfect little palettes for me to try as my first luxury eyeshadow purchase.

As it turns out, all of the pretty SUQQU products I’d been scrolling through on the Selfridges website were also going to cost me $100 to ship to Australia. I laughed at how ridiculous that price was, went to another website, and then another and another before I discovered that actually that $100 shipping fee was quite reasonable. For some reason, SUQQU is yet to really break into the western market and as such, it’s only available from very expensive places online. I was honestly devastated. I’d gotten so excited about their beautiful makeup only to find that once again the shipping to Australia was going to make a purchase near impossible.

It took me ages of time scrolling through endless web pages trying to find someone, anyone, who stocked SUQQU products at a reasonable price with reasonable shipping. By the time I had narrowed down a few possible websites, it was getting close to the end of December and I realised that I was either going to have to bite the bullet and just buy the expensive palette or I would have to wait through my entire 2019 no-buy year to see if I really did want a SUQQU product in my collection.

SUQQU Eyeshadow Palette – 09 Ryougetsu

I bought an eyeshadow palette. The SUQQU Designing Color Eyes Color 09 Ryougetsu had a really interesting colour and finish combination and the reviews I’d read on it featured the prettiest eyeshadow looks using those colours. It cost me AUD$97.90 including shipping from an online store based somewhere in Hong Kong that sold luxury brand products for reduced prices. Yes, I was worried about the quality and possibly receiving a knock off or out of date eyeshadow palette however it was the only option that I’d been able to find for less than $100 and I really didn’t want to spend any more than that on an eyeshadow palette.

So after waiting for a few weeks for the palette to arrive the day finally came. Obviously to look at it, the palette is beautiful. It’s sleek and shiny and feels nice and solid when you hold it. The mirror is a good size and what actually impressed me the most was the quality of the brushes that were included in the palette. Yes they’re tiny little things however they’re soft and they pick up a good amount of product and can blend it out nicely as well. A couple of times when I’ve been rushing I’ve just used them to quickly put a simple look together even when I had the option of my other brushes and everything turned out fine.

The Formulas

Now for the quality of the actual eyeshadows; it’s hit and miss. This is also the point where I don’t know if that’s just the formula or if my palette is a little out of date or something like that because I wasn’t able to buy it off an official SUQQU retailer. Unfortunately this is the only palette I have so this is the one that I will be reviewing.

The first shade in the quad is the icy blue shade which is the one that catches your eye and also the one I was most excited about. Unfortunately it is also the most difficult to work with. The first few applications it just seemed to disappear on my eye when I applied it. In the end I have learned that for me to get any pigmentation from the blue I need to use a glitter glue beneath it and then probably apply two layers for it to show up at the pigmentation that I want it to. So for the first shade that was a little disappointing.

The next shade is the pan of silver glitter. This is probably the prettiest glitter I’ve ever worn and I use it as both an eyeshadow and a highlighter. It has no pigmentation to it, only little silver glitters packed together so if I wear this by itself it gives me a very bare eyeshadow look that sparkles when I catch the light. Which is still super pretty however I prefer to wear this as a topper over other shadows to make them sparkle and bring some dimension into my look. This does have fallout obviously as it’s basically just glitter however it’s always been easy for me to swipe off with a little loose powder on a brush.

The light brown shade is probably one of my favourites from the palette. It’s got a beautiful soft texture that’s very pigmented and it blends out smoothly with little effort. It’s not a matte shade but I wouldn’t say it’s metallic either, more of a satin finish that gives me soft glam vibes when I wear it.

Finally, the dark green shade. This too has that soft, satin texture that is very pigmented and blends out well. Unfortunately this shade, when I try and blend it into the light brown, can get a little muddy and lose it’s subtle green shift. It will end up just looking like a dark brown which is not a bad colour however I would really like to keep the hint of green that it has. 

The Review

Overall after using this for many months now I have been able to work out how to get the most out of all of the shades. I mostly use this palette to create smoky, glam looks or soft and subtle if I’m in the mood for something more natural looking. The texture and application of the shadows is really nice and even though the blue shade was a little lacking in pigment the quality of everything else means that I would definitely be interested in buying another SUQQU eyeshadow palette. 

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