Sugarpill Buttercupcake Pressed Eyeshadow

I’ve always been on the lookout for a bright, pigmented yellow eyeshadow and when I saw an Instagram post featuring this Sugarpill shade, and all the comments saying how it was their favourite yellow, I bought it the next time I was on Beautylish.

It cost me AUD$18.00 and I will admit I was a little worried about buying such an expensive single shadow. Since it’s gotten to me I’ve used this shadow a few times and will say now, that I’m a little disappointed.

Overall this is a nice yellow coloured eyeshadow however is hasn’t been the life changing yellow that I read about online.

Once I get it packed on my eyelid it will wear for a full eight hours but getting on my lid requires some effort. I found that the shadow I received was pressed very hard and that made it difficult to pick up on my eyeshadow brushes. Even when I did get some pigment, it would be patchy and I’ll have to do multiple layers to achieve the look below.

I also found that when I would try and blend out the edges the colour would just disappear and I’d have to go back in with more.

Overall, yes this is a good yellow colour however getting it to work was tricky and I’m sure I’ve got a Colourpop yellow that performs and looks very similar for less money.

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