Stila Kitten Eye Shadow Compact

This was the first ever “luxury” brand makeup product that I ever bought and within the first 5 minutes of me owning it I had already dropped and shattered the shadow.

So after cursing my clumsiness and re-pressing the broken shadow I spent the next three years slowing working away at the huge pan until finally I have completely finished it.

So while its memory is still fresh in my mind I though I’d write up a quick review of my thoughts on the performance and formula of the Stila Kitten Eyeshadow Compact.

Stila Kitten Eye Shadow

The Formula

The application of this shadow was pigmented and smooth with one swipe and it blended out well without any patchiness or loss of shimmer.

It would apply well with a brush although I could experience some fallout from the glitter particles. With a finger application the shadow would be more pigmented however less precise.

Over primer the shadow would wear well for 8 hours without creasing or fading. However if I applied this on my bare eyelids it would crease, break apart and fade as per normal on my hooded, oily eyelids.


With the huge cult following of the Stila Kitten shade I was expecting this to be a brilliant and metallic, champagne shimmer.

Unfortunately this eyeshadow was nothing more and nothing less than a standard champagne eyeshadow with a frosted finish.

While it performed well and would last me an entire day there was nothing about it that made me think it was worth the large price jump to buy it as a single eyeshadow compact.

A quick look through the rest of my eyeshadows gave me a sense of how common the shade was. There were many other close colours – if not dupes – in my collection that were similar enough for me to be able to get the same effect on my eyes should I ever want a champagne shimmer.

Similar Shades to Stila Kitten in my collection
Stila Kitten Compact Eyeshadow

The Review

In the end this was one of those moments when the cult status of a product overrode my common sense of whether I actually needed it in my collection.

In this case while the Stila Kitten Eye Shadow Compact was a beautiful champagne shimmer, it was a shade that I already had in other eyeshadow palettes and so it wasn’t necessary for me to buy.

Having spent the last three years slowly using it up, I can now say that there was nothing so spectacular about the formula that I would buy it again before trying one of the many other champagne shimmer shadows on the market.

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