Sportsgirl The Nude Edit Palette

This was marked down in the makeup section of my local Sportsgirl store and when I opened it up to see the beautiful shimmering shades of this baked palette, I thought I’d just scored the deal of the year. It looked so pigmented and metallic, I was so excited when I bought this, thinking of how this would wear on my eyes and cheeks, I was ready to beam.

That glowing, metallic vision of myself quickly faded the first time I touched the shadows, pulled my hand back to look and saw nothing on my fingertips. Absolutely nothing.

I thought maybe I’d just tried to swatch the plastic between the shadows and laughed at myself, so I tried again and made sure I swatched the actual shadow, looked at my hand and still, nothing. So as it turns out, these shadows were stunning to look at and that was where it ended.

I tried to make this work on my eyelids the next day and by the time I was basically scraping the top layer of the shadow off to get some pigment, I decided this was a bad palette. I assume it’s due to the baked element of the shadows but even now after I’ve pretty much taken the top layer off of each, I need to layer and layer to get any pigment to appear and even then it’s nothing amazing.

So because of that, I wont be using this palette again after this review. Nor will I be recommending this Sportsgirl baked formula to anyone.

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