Some New Skincare Products

As per the rules of my no-buy year, I’m unable to purchase a new makeup or skincare product until I’ve finished every other product I own in it’s category.

So I was very excited earlier this month when I finished my current acne cream and day moisturiser and was finally able to try something new.

In terms of my acne creams, I’ve tried a lot. I experience frequent breakouts throughout the month going in waves of good skin to bad and I’m always trying and testing some form of skincare in an attempt to combat that. So this time I have opted for a combination product, the Swisse Echinacea Clear Skin Moisturiser.

Swisse Echinacea Clear Skin Moisturiser

This moisturiser sounds like an incredible all in one dream for someone like me. It enhances skin clarity and balance while also regulating skin oiliness and sebum levels, minimising future breakouts, and helping to strengthen the skins barrier. If that is all true then this one product will solve most of my current skin concerns so I’m very excited to able to use this!

The other new product I bought was a replacement for my day moisturiser of which I finished last month. I was unsure about what I wanted to try this time so I decided to go back to the basics and walk into a few different stores to see what was currently around. When I saw the Cinch Face Cheat(er) on the shelf I knew it was the one I wanted to try. I’d seen it floating around on Instagram but had never looked into purchasing it before, so for it to appear right in front me, I took it as a sign.

Cinch Face Cheat(er) Moisturising Cream + Glow

The Cinch Face Cheat(er) Moisturising Cream + Glow is another supposed all in one magic cream that acts as a 72-hr moisturiser, illuminator, pore refiner and primer all in one. The bottle also had stickers across the lid letting me know it’s won awards for it’s formula so everything looks and sounds very promising with this product. 

As of right now, I’ve used them both once or twice so I can’t comment on how they perform properly just yet however if they’re worth talking about any further then I’ll post a full review on them after I’ve got a complete idea of their pros and cons. For now I’m just excited to try something new that sounds so good.

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