Skinstitute Multi Active Mist Review

This skin mist was included in a set of three products that I bought from Skinstitute that included the cleanser featured in my July empties, and like that cleanser, this mist was also very disappointing.

I was told by the shop assistant that it would help control my oily skin even though the bottle says it’s illuminating.

After using this spray I can agree with the bottle, this is not for oily skinned people.

I will also call this mist a spray because the nozzle shoots out a chunky spray that does technically illuminate the skin, but only by leaving a tacky, shiny layer of something on the surface of my face that never sinks in.

I hated how it wore over makeup, the bottle would spray so much product that it could sometimes cause my makeup to run and the sticky feeling it left on my skin never faded.

I don’t know what purpose this mist would serve to anyone even if you had dry skin. It left a sticky, tacky film over bare skin or makeup that never set and often ruined whatever makeup I had on underneath it.

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