Skin Physics Oxygen-C Overnight Restoring Cream

I used this Skin Physics Oxygen-C Overnight Restoring Cream not too long ago. So while the memory is still fresh I wanted to go over my thoughts on it, positive and negative.

I bought this for the main purpose of adding some Vitamin C into my skincare routine. Previously I apply a Vitamin C serum but I’m trying to lessen the steps in my skincare routine. I thought that combining Vitamin C and my night moisturiser would be good way to achieve that goal. When I saw this cream it seemed like an interesting option to try.

I’d never heard of Skin Physics before but a quick look online showed a full range of skincare products. I would say they are a mid to high price range. I wouldn’t have looked into them unless there was a sale as with my product.

As for this cream, it was advertised as a restorative, night-time repair process. It adds moisture, firmness, elasticity and tone to your skin. It’s aimed at more mature skin rather than my oily skin however there are no hard and fast rules. All I wanted was a thick, restorative, night cream.

Skin Physics Oxygen-C Overnight Restoring Cream

It’s texture was very creamy, thick but not too heavy once applied. I could even wear this during the day if I felt like I needed an added moisture layer. My only concern with these heavier creams is that sometimes my skin can react if the formula is too rich. Luckily I never had any problems with this formula.

As for all of the claims about waking to a restored, youthful-looking complexion I can’t say I noticed anything significant on my skin, however my skin concern isn’t anti-aging so I might not be the best judge of that.

In the end this cream served me well for the purpose of a thick, moisturising night cream however there was nothing in the formula that impressed me enough to repurchase it. Maybe when anti-aging becomes a concern of mine I would look back into formulas like this one but for now there are way too many moisturisers out there for me to not try a different formula after being unimpressed with this.

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