Sigma Beauty Warm Neutrals Volume 2 Eyeshadow Palette

The main turning point for my spending last year was the Black Friday sales at the end of November. Over a period of four days I spent $416 and it was after that sale that I decided to do a no-buy year for 2019. This eyeshadow palette was one of the products that I bought during the Black Friday sales.

The Sigma Beauty Warm Neutrals Volume 2 was a new and interesting mix of warm neutrals that I hadn’t really seen before. Combine this with the fact that I’d never owned but had always heard about Sigma beauty and I was adding this to my cart already envisioning the looks I’d make from it. Mind you even with the specials this palette wasn’t cheap, I paid AUD$43.00 for what is a small looking eyeshadow palette with about 2 minutes worth of consideration to decide on it.

Of course, as it always is, I also bought two other palettes in those sales and this one was the last to arrive so it sat around on my desk unused for many weeks until one day I remembered it existed and pulled it out to swatch.

For me, this palette has a good mix of shades.

There are the basic nudes (for my skin tone) that I can use to clean up and highlight with. Then there is the range of warm neutrals with varying tones and finishes. Just from looking at the palette and the swatches there is a good mix of shades to make a variety of eyeshadow looks.

As for the packaging, the palette is small however I think that’s handy for travel and storage. It has a nice mirror in it and it looks and feels like a quality product.

Now, looking at swatches is always tricky because they’re a poor judge of how the eyeshadow will perform on the eyes; it mainly shows the colours of the eyeshadow against your skin tone. However I couldn’t help but notice during the swatches that a couple of the shades were trickier to work with than others. This difficultly did end up carrying through to how they wear on my eyes. 

To start on a positive note my favourite shades from the palette are Charmer, Beaming and Bittersweet. Charmer and Beaming can give me a beautiful, shimmery eye and Bittersweet is a great all-round colour that I can match with a variety of looks.

Nearly all of the shimmers in this palette apply well with a dry brush, unless I want a shade to really pop I wouldn’t bother with a glitter glue underneath.

The mattes shades all blend out fairly well and with little effort. A couple of the dark shades need more time to blend out but that’s the same with all of my shadows.

My least favourite shades in the palette are Russet and Fool’s Gold. Unfortunately the formula lets these two down. For some reason they’ve added small glitters to russet which is a matte shade and it makes it really difficult to blend out and I’ll be left with a hint of glitter even if I didn’t want any. Fool’s Gold also suffers with glitter; this shade is different from the other metallics in the palette in that it’s got more pressed glitter in it and less pigment so it’s very patchy to apply. I need to use some sort of glitter glue to be able to build this up and it leaves a mess underneath my eyes with loose glitter and dark pigment.

Now that I’ve mentioned some of the separate shades, I’ll talk about the palette as a whole.

Unfortunately those two poorly performing shades I talked about above made the palette loose a lot of it’s options for darker shades. They’re also two of the more unique shades in the palette so without them the palette looses a lot of it’s interesting possibilities. While I’m not saying those two bad shades are unusable they’re so tricky to apply and work with that I know that lazy me will reach for them less than the other shades.

To sum up this product review, overall this would be a really nice palette if it weren’t for a couple of the shades being significantly harder to work with than the rest.

As both Russet and Fool’s Gold are two of the more interesting shades in the palette as well, it’s a big disappointment to know that they’ll need extra work to blend out and build up. Aside from those two shades the rest of the palette performs really well. It has a nice range of colours and tones and it’s a more unique take on the warm neutrals than I’ve seen before. I do enjoy pulling this out to use however it does require me to think ahead a bit, knowing some shades can be tricky.

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