Shiseido Sheer And Perfect Foundation

This Shiseido Sheer And Perfect Foundation was the first foundation that I ever bought and remains to this day one of my favourite formulas to wear.

Back when I first bought this I remember going into a local beauty store and having the assistant ask me what type of makeup I liked and what I wanted the finish to look like. The answers to those questions were that I didn’t wear a lot of makeup so I wanted a natural finish that would just smooth out my skin tone and when she recommended this to me she absolutely nailed it.

This Sheer and Perfect Foundation is exactly as its name describes. The formula is very sheer, closer to a tinted liquid than anything else and yet it smoothed out my skin tone, hid my redness and pores and then set down to a perfect skin-like satin finish.

It’s a very thin liquid formula which helped it blend out across my skin and a little would go a long way. Now remember that this is a sheer formula. It wont hide any blemishes or remove dark circles but it will smooth out your skin tone into a nice even base that made me look like the best version of myself.

Unfortunately the shop assistant when recommending this to me did sell me the wrong shade however even though it was too dark I still finished this entire bottle of foundation because I loved the formula that much.

I’ve got a feeling that this line of foundation is going to be discontinued from Shiseido which will make me very sad however having used and loved this Sheer and Perfect Foundation, I’d be confident buying another foundation from Shiseido knowing how much I enjoyed the last one.

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