Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealer

Along with my Shiseido Sheer And Perfect Foundation I also purchased this concealer at the recommendation of the shop assistant. And like with the foundation, I was so glad that I did.

Like its name, this concealer had a beautiful, natural formula that blended into my skin and set down to a satin finish that would even out my skin tone and conceal minor skin blemishes.

This is definitely a concealer for someone like me who wears a very natural base layer of makeup. This isn’t packed with pigment to completely cover any major skin blemishes or dark circles however it does remove the redness and conceal minor breakouts on me.

It is by far the most natural wearing concealer that I’ve tried and for me its medium level of coverage was perfect for covering any patches of breakouts that I might have been experiencing. Some slight texture might still peak out however I don’t even mind that. I like to still see my skin even if there are some breakouts, this concealer just evened out my skin tone and removed the redness.

This obviously layered well over the Shiseido Sheer And Perfect Foundation however it also played well with every other foundation that I paired it with. It had such a lovely, natural formula that it just seemed to blend in with everything around it.

As for how it wore with my oily skin, it would fade around my nose by the end of the day however it did so in a very unnoticeable way. It didn’t break apart and look patchy, it simply faded as a whole which is the best way for a concealer to wear away on my oily skin. I have yet to find any concealer that wont fade around my nose so the way this wore off was also very natural.

Overall I loved this concealer. It had such a natural finish that I was very upset to find it has been discontinued by Shiseido. However since this is the second base product from Shiseido that I have tried and loved I would be more than willing to try a different concealer or foundation formula from the brand.

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