Shaaanxo The Remix Eyeshadow Palette Review

I’m a big fan of creators getting the chance to work with a brand and release their own products. The original Shaaanxo palette didn’t interest me as half of it contained lipsticks. However the Shaaanxo Remix Palette immediately had my attention with its double sided eyeshadow options.

I’m also a big fan of convenient packaging and this palette is exactly that. Containing 18 pans yet being smaller than most of my palettes. The dual sided palette has two 9 pans sides, each with their own mirror.

On one side is the same 9 shades as from the original palette and on the other side are 9 new shades to this Remix version.

As for this new colour story, I adore it. The original half has everything you need in a neutral palette with the perfect amount of range to create a multitude of eyeshadow looks.

In the remix half there are the 9 new shades featuring some gorgeous pinks, purples and golds. This also has a fantastic range through sweet, day looks to deep and smoky night looks.

Shaaanxo The Remix Palette Swatches – Original Side
Shaaanxo The Remix Palette Swatches – New Remix Side

The Formula Review

As for how the eyeshadows perform, they’re honestly some of my favourite in my collection.

These are some the most user friendly eyeshadows I’ve ever used. Each shade is pigmented without being too much allowing them to be softer or heavier depending on how heavy handed you choose to be.

The mattes are smooth, they blend easily and don’t look dry or crepey on my eyelids. The shimmers are also pigmented, with minimal fallout upon application and can look metallic if I apply them with a wet brush or more natural if I don’t.

I love the control that I can have with these shadows. They’re almost foolproof for me to use. I know that I can always pull out this palette and create a flattering eye look to take me through the day.

Overall I love this Shaaanxo The Remix Eyeshadow Palette. It’s so easy to use, the shades are all pigmented and blend like a dream. The colour story is perfectly curated to allow for so many different eye looks. It’s probably the eyeshadow palette that I would recommend if I could only give one option.

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