Sephora Duo Eyeshadow 01 Double Or Nothing Review

I picked up this Sephora Collection Colorful Duo Eyeshadow in a recent online shopping haul. The compact little pan looked like a good idea for packing in a travel bag when I only need the basics.

I chose the shade 01 Double Or Nothing as the images online showed a combination of a matte grey and shimmer taupe shade. I thought with that pairing I would be able to put together a good amount of looks that I could easily take from day to night depending on my need.

Sephora Duo Eyeshadow 01 Double Or Nothing

The Formula

The first issue I found was that the photo online was a little different in colour than this shade actually is. In real life this 01 Double Or Nothing is more of a green/brown shade and a taupe. Still I was sure I’d be able to get the same effect of eye looks from those colours.

After I started swatching the two shades I quickly realised that I wasn’t going to be making any eye looks from this eyeshadow duo.

These have to be two of the worst performing eyeshadows I’ve ever used. Considering I’ve owned other palettes that I paid $2 for, the fact that eyeshadows from the Sephora brand are worse than that, I am hugely disappointed.

These eyeshadows came very packed down which made it difficult to pick up shadow on a brush. Eventually I dug into the shades with my finger and a brush to the point where I had bits of eyeshadow flying up everywhere and still I had to pack and layer these shades to get any pigment to show up.

Over bare skin there is no way I would get any pigment to show up without packing on multiple layers. I basically needed a glitter glue underneath these eyeshadows and one of them is a matte formula.

The Review

In the end I can’t use this eyeshadow duo as the pigmentation is so poor and even when I build the shades up the shadows are patchy and don’t last long on my eyes.

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