Sephora Collection Cosmic Glow Highlighter Review

I picked this up recently as I’ve been wanting to get into more cream beauty products and this looked like an intriguing highlighter formula.

I couldn’t find much about this Sephora Collection Cosmic Glow Highlighter when I tried to look for swatches or reviews so I wanted to put this out there in case anyone else is looking for more information like I was.

Even on the Sephora website there was no photo of this formula and the description was oddly cryptic, no where did it state that this was a cream, gel or gloss. It just called it a pleasant, multipurpose formula.

Sephora Collection Cosmic Glow Highlighter

The Formula

After receiving and using this highlighter I can say that it is definitely a gloss. The formula is light and a little tacky however nothing super gooey or sticky. It is completely clear with small, silver glitters throughout the gloss.

The combination of the glitters and the clear gloss mean that my cheekbones will shine from the gloss and reflect from the glitters at the same time.

As it’s a gloss formula this is best applied with other cream products; it doesn’t mix well with powders. It will also stay a little glossy throughout the day. While it will dry down from how glossy it applies, it never completely sets which means the glossy shine lasts all day.

The Review

I actually really like this gloss formula. I’ve used other gloss based highlighters in the past however they have been much stickier and thicker than this one.

This Cosmic Glow Highlighter is a gloss formula however I can easily pat and spread it onto my skin and it will melt a little more until it has that glossy, wet effect that looks very editorial.

However what I also love about this formula is even though it does look editorial from the gloss, it can also be very natural as it has no colour. I can apply it over bare skin and just look wet and dewy without having any tint or metallic sheen to it.

While there are glitters in the formula there aren’t so many that it looks unnatural or metallic. Just enough to catch the light and add another dimension of glow.

Overall I really like this Sephora Collection Cosmic Glow Highlighter. Obviously it’s a gloss formula so it only works with cream products and it will never completely set down however I love the look it gives me. Such a wet, slick skin effect that I can even apply on bare skin to give me a little glowy boost on more simple makeup days.

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