Seagull Milk Sunscreen (SPF50+)

I was very excited to try this sunscreen as it’s a small brand from Australia that had been making waves in my local area. I don’t know where the name Seagull Milk Sunscreen comes from however it’s easy to remember! This sunscreen has been designed for the face and body and is suitable for all skin types and young children. The formula is also vegan, SPF50+, reef safe, cruelty free and paraben free so it ticked just about every box I look for in a sunscreen.

I was particularly drawn to its claims of being non-greasy and without a white cast as those are two factors that can really impact how my makeup wears over a sunscreen base.

The tube contains 100g of sunscreen ( 3.4 FL OZ) and retails in Australia for $28.95. It’s not as cheap as other sunscreens I’ve used however it seems to be average for most natural sunscreens I’ve bought.

Seagull Milk Sunscreen

Seagull Milk Sunscreen (SPF50+)

When I first squeezed the formula onto the back of my hand I was taken aback by the colour. It claims to leave no white cast however from the tube my sunscreen appeared a light grey colour. When I applied it to my face I was sure to check for any discoloration and while I wouldn’t say I was shades lighter I could see a slight grey cast over my skin.

I don’t think the greyish cast would be noticed on my skin unless you were looking for it however it was very noticeable over my moles as they turned into an unnatural grey looking colour with the sunscreen dulling their pigment. This leads me to question if this sunscreen would leave a white cast on someone with a deeper skin tone than mine.

My Experience

As for the texture, it was almost like a mousse in that it could be quite fluffy and spongy out of the tube. When rubbing it into my skin I noticed that it didn’t spread as much as other greasier sunscreen formulas might however it also set down to be very skin like and matte.

As a base for makeup it was good in that it did have a matte finish. My skin didn’t look any greasier from this sunscreen however throughout the day my natural oils would come through.

However I found that depending on what skincare I had on underneath this sunscreen could lead to it pilling as I was applying it. This only happened sometimes however I wasn’t able to identify its exact cause which made it quite frustrating if I was getting ready to wear makeup and had my sunscreen suddenly pilling upon application.

This sunscreen could also cause certain makeup products to apply a bit patchy as it set down to be matte, certain foundations and concealers would catch on the matte base and not blend as easily as they would over a smoother formula.

I did try using primers over the top of this sunscreen however I wasn’t able to find one that solved all of the pilling and texture issues.

Overall I think this has been the best natural sunscreen I’ve worn for leaving a matte finish. Unfortunately this matte finish didn’t cooperate with my other makeup and skincare products so it took some effort for me to have my makeup looking smooth.

I think this sunscreen would suit someone who doesn’t wear much makeup and is just wanting a good matte sunscreen throughout the day.

Seagull Milk Sunscreen Website

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