Savvy Gel Nail Polish Review

I own a vast nail polish collection however it was still lacking the classic, neutral basics. So I recently picked up a few Savvy Gel Nail Polish colours to fill in that gap.

These nail polishes cost me $1.50 each as I bought them when they were half price. The cost is in line with the Savvy brand which I would call affordable in comparison to other beauty brands.

I bought four colours from the Savvy Gel Nail Polish range, they are Baby Blue, Ballet Blush, Nude Mood and Muted Mauve.

The formula of these nail polishes surprised me when I first applied them. With a lot of nail polishes I have to build up multiple layers to get a coat without streaks or patches. This formula is very smooth so while I would have to apply 2 or 3 layers to get the full pigmentation, I can just apply a single coat and it will still settle without any creases. One coat will be sheer however it won’t be streaky or patchy.

The way I wear nail polish is to start with a clear base coat, layer the colour polish until it’s fully pigmented and end with a clear gel top coat.

When I have applied these Savvy Gel Nail Polishes in the way above they will last just as well as my as Sally Hanson or Rimmel London polishes.

Once applied on my finger nails these will last 2 or 3 days in perfect condition and then after that they’ll start to develop general wear and tear in the following days. I tend to be a bit rough and clumsy so that’s about average for how my nails go.

The colour and shine of this gel polish formula is very nice. Someone actually asked me if I’d had my nails done professionally so I count that as high praise for this Savvy polish.

Overall I have been very impressed with this Savvy Gel Nail Polish formula. Compared to my other more expensive brands it holds its own. The colours are lovely and the formula applies evenly and builds easily.

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