Savvy by DB Cream Illuminator Rosy Glow

Savvy by DB Cream Illuminator Rosy Glow

A little while ago I grabbed a selection of Savvy by DB products and this Rosy Glow Illuminator was one of them. I’d used a highlighter from the parent brand DB Cosmetics before and it had featured in many favourites posts. However that was a powder formula so I was interested to see how they made this liquid Illuminator formula.

Savvy by DB Cream Illuminator

This cream illuminator came in two different shades. One was a darker golden tan colour and there was this lighter pink shade called Rosy Glow. I have very fair skin so I chose the latter. There wasn’t much in the description for this product nor could I see any specific instructions on how to wear it.

How To

As I mentioned above there weren’t any specific instructions from the brand on how to apply or wear this. As it’s a liquid formula I would only apply this over bare skin or other cream products. If I had to apply this over powder products I would pick it up on a sponge from the back of my hand and gently pat it onto my skin.

If I was applying this over bare skin or cream products I would use a sponge if I wanted a sheer effect or a brush if I wanted more payoff. I would always deposit the illuminator onto the back of my hand and pick it up from there to apply. I find that applying cream products directly onto my skin can lead to difficulty blending it out from that one spot.

My Experience

To start with, the formula of this is very thin and a little oily. It’s more of a slippy oil base than a cream and I always have difficulty with those types of formulas.

Because of the slippy, oil base of this Cream Illuminator it wouldn’t blend out well even onto bare skin. I don’t use a lot of oil based products in my routine due to my naturally oily skin so there’s no similar oil formula for it to blend into. This illuminator could be applied onto bare skin or other cream products but it would separate oddly and the glitter would stick to my skin in a way that didn’t look natural.

If I applied this over cream makeup products it would often lift the base underneath it and muddy the makeup. I would be left with odd missing patches of foundation and glitter particles. It would look messy and patchy and I struggled with that happening every time.

As for the actual highlighting effect I found this swatched a lot more pigmented than how it wore. Once I did manage to apply this illuminator the shine or reflect would all but disappear. The only shine came from the few glitter particles that had stuck down.

The below photo is an example of how this blended with moisturer too. You can see it would clump and collect in places.

Overall I was unimpressed with this Savvy by DB Cream Illuminator in the shade Rosy Glow. I always struggle to apply these oil based formulas and this one was no different. It lifted my makeup and even once it was applied the highlight effect was minimal to the point of not being noticeable at all.

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