SANA New Born Eyebrow Pencil

This brow pencil was a part of my current project pan and I finally finished it after owning and using it for about a year.

So before I part ways with it for good I wanted to give a quick recap of my thoughts on its formula and performance.

SANA is a Japanese brand of cosmetics that is stocked in Australia through Daiso. This brow pencil cost me $3.80 in store, however when I’ve looked it up online later I’ve found it advertised for up to $20 dollars so I’m unsure if it has drastically increased in price or if they’re marking it up by a lot online.

The shade range in store basic, featuring a few varying brown shades and one black shade. However it worked out well for me because the shade Royal Brown, which I bought, had a cool undertone that matched my brows well.

The product itself was actually more than just a brow pencil, it’s an all in one brow product with a wind-up brow pencil on one end, a spooly brush on the other and, if you twist the pencil, the middle section will unscrew and reveal a brow powder and applicator as well. In terms of user friendliness, it’s a very well though out product.

The formula of the brow pencil was very average in terms of those I have tried before. The pigmentation could be built up from light to very pigmented however it could apply a little patchy if I was only using a light layer and alternatively, it could clump up in places if I wore it very thick. Once it was applied it would wear well for up to 5 hours upon which I would start to notice the colour fading. At the end of a long day there would be significant fading of the pigmentation.

One of the major issues I found with the brow pencil is that the colour could start to run if I wore it through a very hot day which is absolutely not a good look. The powder included was also not very pigmented and the applicator was quite large so it didn’t allow for precise application. As the powder pigmentation was not strong to begin with it wouldn’t last very long after application. Overall I was rather unimpressed with the formula of both the brow pencil and the powder.

After having finished this brow pencil I can safely say that I wouldn’t purchase it again.

Nothing has really impressed me about it, and even though it only cost me $3.80 it would be much better to spend a little extra to get a decent product.

Let me know your thoughts on this pencil if you have any!

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