Sace Lady Liquid Glow Highlighter Rose Gold

I found this on Amazon for something very cheap like two dollars so I figured why not? I chucked it in with whatever I was buying and it arrived in the mail a few weeks later.

I will say that this highlighter is very small, but I don’t mind paying less and getting less product, I always swap and change what products I use anyway so it ends up taking ages before they’re even close to finished, hopefully this won’t take as long.

There were three different shades available but the other two looked too dark for my skin tone and more glittery than I like so I went with rose gold and hoped it would work. I’ve been wearing this for a few weeks now and figured I might as well write a review in case anyone else had been wondering about the shade or formula.

When I apply this, as long as I make sure it’s not over powder then it blends well and a full pump can cover both cheeks fine. It wears well and will be just as pigmented after eight hours as it was originally.

Unfortunately it is a little more glittery than I like my highlighters but that is purely personal preference. It is very pigmented and can give me that wet look when I hit the right angle. So if you like strong highlighters and liquid formulas then for less than five dollars I’d definitely say give it a try!

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