Rovectin Cica Care Balm Review

I’d never heard of this brand before however I was looking for a cream to heal and hydrate my dry skin and thought this was the right choice.

The Formula

I bought this online from a mostly Korean language store so I misunderstood the definition and thought this was to heal dry skin. Instead what I later learnt is that it was meant for combination, break out skin and so it possibly suited me even more!

I applied this morning and night over my entire face in an attempt to even out my complexion overall however after months of use I noticed no real improvement in my skin from this. My breakouts still happened and my red skin still flared up.

The Review

The formula of this was also not what I was expecting, it was thick like a paste and felt like a moisturiser when applied. In general it felt nice on my skin however in terms of clearing up my skin, I can’t say I saw any results.

Overall I ended up being a little confused with the purpose of this cream however I never really saw any change in my skin from this so I’ll be trying a different moisturiser next.

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