RMS Beauty Magic Luminizer Review

I was very intrigued when I first received this highlighter. RMS was not a brand I’d ever heard of, nor had I been particularly interested in cream highlighters at the time. It’s only that I’d received this as a part of a competition that I had in my collection at all.

I have since researched about RMS and even bought their ‘Un’ Cover Up foundation so I do enjoy their brand and this product is no exception.

The Formula

The first time I wore this I was in awe of how pretty and youthful it made my skin look. It gives that natural, dewy, glowing from within vibe without any glitter flecks or coloured sheen.

Being a cream product it obviously applies best over bare skin or other cream products. Not that it’s bad over powder however it’s easier to apply and blend over cream, over powder it actually appears less glowy than on bare skin in my opinion. Mind that I only ever apply this with my fingertips, I’ve heard people say this applies best over powder when you use a damp sponge but I never use sponges so I haven’t tried that method.

RMS Beauty Magic Luminizer swatched
RMS Beauty Magic Luminizer worn on bare skin

The Review

The colour of this a light champagne which suits my skin tone so well that you can’t even tell I’m wearing a highlighter, I just look actually healthy and well rested for once. I apply this by gently swirling the pad of my finger over the top of the product and pressing it into my skin.

Also, if you’re like I am you might be thinking it looks tiny. Well I’ve used it a lot over the past many months and have barely made a dint so it looks like it’ll last a while. Also because the packaging is so small it’s great for travel and until I find another cream highlighter that performs as well for less I will be making sure to always have one of these stocked in my makeup collection.

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