Rimmel London Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Nude

I researched this Rimmel London Kohl Kajal eyeliner nude online before buying it as it was recommended for being a good, affordable waterproof eyeliner for brightening my lower lash line.

I’d then assumed that it would be easy to buy this because it was Rimmel and that brand is in every local chemist however it turns out that I wasn’t correct. In the end this was the product that made me create an Amazon account just so that I could buy it and have it shipped to me from America for too much money than what an “affordable eyeliner” should have been. So in the end it wasn’t affordable or easy but it didn’t matter because I was so ready to look bright and awake every day for the rest of my life.

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Waterproof Eyeliner Nude

To get straight to the point, that dream of me being bright and awake never came to fruition. To spoil the rest of this review, this is not waterproof at all. I am throwing this away after this review, which I hate to do with any makeup product but this is literally useless to me and I would feel bad if I gave it away, knowing how poorly it performs.

The one thing this liner does well is that it’s very creamy and easy to apply on my waterline. It’s also quite pigmented so that’s not a problem either.

My issue with this “waterproof” eyeliner is that it wears off within 10 minutes of application. My eyes don’t get watery easily and no matter how many opportunities I gave this liner, it would always wear off within minutes. I would just have to blink a couple of times and the pigment would be patching off and wearing away.

The Review

This was actually a complete waste of money for me. It’s super creamy and nicely pigmented when I first apply this, then I can literally watch this disappear. It won’t last more than 10 minutes before it’s gone. Because of that, I would obviously never recommend this to anyone.

Please let me know your thoughts on this liner, if you own one or if you have any good recommendations for eyeliner for the waterline or to tight line with. I’m in need of one!

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